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April 1, 2005
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:sleepin: by darkmoon3636 :sleepin: by darkmoon3636
Well, here's an entry for the contest. I was going to say all the obvious things that, in my eyes, will prevent it or any others I make from winning, but then I figured, if I say anything, everyone who reads this will be thinking it, which will squash the teeny tiny chance I do have of winning or at least being mentioned.

For the contest.
This emote describes an action (inaction, actually :giggle: ), or you could even go so far to say it's a stereotype. (of what? Any teen during break :pointandlaugh: or maybe just my brother, he sleeps in till 4 pm sometimes) I actually managed to make it stay on one topic, sleeping (see all the z's? You noticed the z's, right? RIGHT? :( :( :( ) all save the blanket falling at the end :giggle: But that was more for the looping effect, I just gave him the pissed off expression for flava. (haha, gangsta is cool. :roll:)

One more thing- this emote uses some transparency (the light) which has been made to fit deviantart's background. I know some people ask permission to use my emotes offsite, so here's the same emote fitted to a white background- [link]
take note that this does not mean you can use this or any other emotes without permission, this is only for people who've asked via note or email.

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Catz2kittenz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
just like me when i wake up. :) :pointandlaugh:
spangebawb75 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
Omni89 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2010
:laughing: That was very funny!! Sometimes I do that.
Emocon-Obsessed Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2006
he be zleeping! :sleepin:
C--Squared Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
Pfft, did you use me as your model for this b/c that is exactly what i do like every morning lol, it's perfect! :+fav:
KristenSpork Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2006   General Artist
Awww, that's like me. :aww: :clap:
Reminds me of myself! Lols.
Kinomii Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2005
:giggle: this is great :D i can very much relate to it @_@
RiseOfTheGeckos Featured By Owner May 7, 2005
:lol: You hit the nail on the head with the sun glaring in through the window. I STILL get so sick of that, even when I'm awake, that I gotta put a board up in the window to block it out and award myself some sanity.
black-ash-wolf Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2005
you rock!!!:thumb10134643:
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